The Kinks, ‘Picture Book’

I woke up at 9.16 this morning for my first day back at work. Good effort. Junior was asleep, having got her mother up for a feed at six, so she couldn’t review any songs. This, therefore, is carried over from a little extravaganza we did on Sunday while practising with the new i-Dog. The i-Dog was enjoying it, even though its little lights mark it down as a hip hop fan at the moment. It appears to think that everything that doesn’t sound like the Sex Pistols is hip hop. Maybe that’s right. Maybe 2006 will bring forth a breaking-down of all barriers separating genres and styles. Yadda yadda.

You have to love ‘Picture Book’, and I bet it sold loads of photo printers. Junior gave it some whoops and handy dance steps. When she looks back at our picture books years from now, I don’t know how many pictures of her mama she’ll see. They nearly all seem to be of the little lady herself, and there’s a ludicrous number of them. She can’t help being so damned photogenic.

The Village Green Preservation Society was another Christmas present. I did pretty well.

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