[8] Maxïmo Park, ‘Our Velocity’

Maxïmo Park, ‘Our Velocity’

These Geordie lads and their acclaimed debut A Certain Trigger passed under my radar when they were making big noises a couple of years back – I expected workaday rock, nothing remarkable enough to pique interest – so I was surprised at just how good they can be when I was called on to review ‘Our Velocity’ in the spring. Its tautness and deft use of an inspired array of bridges, choruses and middle eights bowled me over, along with its assured mix of ferocious guitars and vulnerable sentiments. A cracking five star track with not a note wasted.
The onslaught had Junior feeling the speakers for the bass boom, but she wasn’t taken for long. There were desk drawers to be opened, one after another. So, it was immediate for her, if not entirely captivating.
To give the Maxïmos their full due, the equally brisk ‘Girls Who Play Guitars’ was No.21. Or 22. Either way, a strong showing.

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