[10] The Beatles, ‘Something’/’Come Together’

It’s 7.21 in the morning and Junior is wearing pink fairy wings and carrying a plastic wand that makes a “magical” sound when you bash it against the furniture. ‘Something’ has, well, something of the fairy dust about it, representing the blossoming of George Harrison’s songwriting shortly before it came to full fruition on cruelly overlooked triple solo album All Things Must Pass. It was written for his then-beloved Patti Boyd – who would shortly hand him in for Eric Clapton when he wrote the inferior ‘Layla’ for her.

‘Something’ is stately and meditative with a masterful middle eight and gorgeous strings. Junior drifts around in fitting manner.

Its partner ‘Come Together’ is a Plastic Ono Band record in all but name. A bluesy strut with the coolest throwaways – “walrus gumboot”, “mojo filter”, “toe-jam football” – it’s a nonsense but a convincing one all the same. Great organ, woozy guitar a sense that The Beatles could still be on their game. Junior is now roaring like a lion and showing her claws – showing the contrast between the songs too.

A No.4 hit. The game was up.

4 thoughts on “[10] The Beatles, ‘Something’/’Come Together’

  1. It’s always a little strange when listening to Chuck Berry singing You Can’t Catch Me to hear the old paedophile rock veteran singing “Here come old flat-top, he was movin’ up with me”. Your first instinct is to throw small pieces of fruit at him and say “No, no, you’ve got the lyrics wrong!”

    Those wily old Beatles had a magpie’s eye for a plagiarism – cf. also the opening line of Run For Your Life/Baby, Let’s Play House. But unlike their lead-footed slipstreamers Oasis, they tended to get away with it. (Unless they were ripping off the Chiffons, of course.)

  2. My comment is just about how the site selected your post on Kanye West as being possibly related to this one. I don’t think there are any key words in common. Very strange.

  3. Yes, was wondering about that myself. Must be all that yogic flying Kanye indulges in. That, and the fact he was a less-publicised member of The Travelling Wilburys.

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