[20] Hot Chip, ‘Ready For The Floor’

Hot Chip

FITTING START, as this was my favourite single of the whole of, er, January. It seemed like a hard act to follow, but then the rest of the year turned up.

Still, it has all the hallmarks of a great early-year single, with a chorus that’s as catchy as a looping miss-hit to short leg (or something – does anyone know anything about cricket?) and lighter-than-air synths that lift the load of post-Christmas sluggishness. True to its name, it’s also a sop to your dancing feet – and Junior takes that to heart with a high-speed groove around the kitchen. There are songs in this chart that she’ll be more familiar with, so full sing-alongs will have to wait.

As for Hot Chip, this is a bright spot in a curiously patchy career. They possess semi-gems like ‘Over & Over’ – and really their style should be right up my street – but I don’t think they have it.

2 thoughts on “[20] Hot Chip, ‘Ready For The Floor’

  1. Hot Chip at 20? I’ll be very surprised if you can find 19 better songs. And with a junior dancing endorsement as well – it clearly deserves to be higher.

  2. It’s all subjective, innit? Not to mention contrary. ‘Ready For The Floor’ is good, but it’s no Status Quo vs Scooter now, is it?

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