[14] Little Jackie, ‘The World Should Revolve Around Me’

Little Jackie

Little Jackie is undersung rapper Imani Coppola and her producer cohort Adam Pallin. Imani sing-raps her way through this, one of the catchiest pop tunes of this and any other year, blowing away myriad chart cobwebs to reach the shaky heights of No.14. It’s a little bit Jackson 5, a little bit Jurassic 5, and a whole load of sarky bravado.

In its honour, Junior stretches her cardigan beyond her mother’s tolerance and does star-jumps. She also makes me do star-jumps. I went to a Christmas party last night. Star-jumps. Ooh dear.

6 thoughts on “[14] Little Jackie, ‘The World Should Revolve Around Me’

  1. this is very bland finger-wagging girl-band fare. Sugarbabes in their pomp bland. That overlay vocals is awful.

    Junior is having a bad influence on you.

  2. Like I know Jack clearly knows jack. The best single I’ve heard in ages. (My ears are made of ear.) But I was horrified to discover it’s a bowdlerised version – the line is “I got talent and I got tits”, which has the advantage of being both funnier and alliterative.
    Great blog. Found you on the word, and will definitely be revisiting

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