[13] Steve Winwood, ‘While You See A Chance’


I’m sure I used to be a hip young thing, hardly the sort to slap a Steve Winwood song in the Top 20 of one of new-pop’s formative years, but we all have to face facts when school was half a lifetime ago. On the other hand, who can deny ‘While You See A Chance’’s squirty keyboards and warm melancholy? It tells you to grasp the opportunity while it’s still, erm, hot, so maybe that’s the whole point here. It’s not too late! Is it?

The parping keys of the intro tell you this is going to be special, although it never quite lives up to that promise. Not quite. Still, it’s the warmth that does it for me. Junior’s drawn to the speakers for that overture, then spends the rest of the song pogoing to the sproingy synthness of Winwood’s hymn to the light at the end of the tunnel. She’s a dab hand now, pointing out drums and piano before assuring me that the track “QIs like Rihanna”. Heaven knows what yoof code this is, but I have to smile and nod. Anything else would betray my thirtysomethingness.

4 thoughts on “[13] Steve Winwood, ‘While You See A Chance’

  1. Yes, I feel sort of regretful about this one, really.

    Another dreary one today, chiefly because I have stuff to say about it, and then 1981 goes STRATOSPHERIC with the very best in electropop and – surely? – some other stuff.

  2. FIVE whole days looking at Steve Winwoord, with only the promise of “Another dreary one” to come.

    Your heart’s not in it. ABANDON 1981

  3. Sorry, George, I’m a busy man at the mo – and of course I had to listen to an album from a decade earlier to do the next entry. Sort of.

    Lots of 1981 fun to come – No.12 coming today deffo – and then 2004. Hurrah!

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