At Jukebox Junior, I play records to my daughter Junior – 11 years old as of July 2016 – and write about her reactions to the music.

Oh, and I yabber on with my own thoughts too, obv.

Most of the time, we count down year-end Top 20 compilations that I made over the mis-spent years, but anything goes.

Jukebox Junior began in November 2005 at 20six.co.uk, moving to its new web home in March 2008. Transfer of previous posts is tedious and ongoing.

PLUS: We now have two more voices, Junior 2 (aged eight as of March 2016) and Junior 3 (aged six as of February 2016).


One thought on “About

  1. Love the site! Love music! When my son was six,his friend, also six, came for a sleep over. I started playing music for them and of course they started to dance. I played “I heard It Through the Grapevine” the Temptations version. My son’s friend excitedly exclaimed “The California Raisin song!” I have been educating my son ever since. He’s 24 now.

    Thanks! Love you to come visit my blog.

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