Antipop Consortium, ‘Ping Pong’

She’s only 20 weeks old so I’ll cut her some slack, but this isn’t the eye-catching, world-twisting start that I anticipated. How can I keep up the pretence that this fey theme is, well, not a pretence when the titular heroine’s not even awake to review the songs?

I think I’ve known Junior long enough now to guess her reaction to ‘Ping Pong’. Let’s face it, when her mum and I tried to play table tennis on holiday a few months back, she just burst into tears. Junior, not her mum. Her mum won. Anyway, after shaking off those dark memories brought on by the ping-pong backbeat, Junior would say that she was reminded of the Dreem Teem trying to sound moody. She’d wonder whether Antipop Consortium could make a decent fist of 606 on Radio 5. She’d raise a smile at the RuPaul and Scary Spice namechecks, and move off topic to muse on who’d win a fight out of the Spice Girls and Girls Aloud.

But that’s for another day.

So, that’s a smile and a muse. A hit for Antipop.

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