[15] The Wonder Stuff, ‘Unbearable’

Foreshadowing James Blunt by a couple of decades in the rhyming slang stakes, Miles Hunt introduced his troupe of Black Country grebo-pop rockers to the world with this quickfire, snotty-nosed number. They were the greatest band ever for a year, before I woke up, got serious and cared more about girls. As late as 1990 though, I was bonding with fellow undergraduates over Stuffies (as the Melody Maker undoubtedly called them) t-shirts and posters.

The twin millstones of ‘Size Of A Cow’ and ‘Dizzy’ will live longer in the collective memory, but over a couple of albums they brought together countless floppy fringed and oversized topped teenage boys with their spiky, catchy pop punk. We even turned up to their gigs a couple of years back. It’s hard to let go.

Junior was asleep when I left for work this morning, so for a change she’s listened to this and the next tune with her mum. Speaking to her mum just now, I’m told that while this was playing Junior was lying stock straight on her mat, waving her arms and legs just a little. She’s growing up a bit faster than her dad.

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