[19] Echobelly, ‘King Of The Kerb’

You remember the ’90s. Loads of mediocre indie bands with female singers, giving shy white boys wet dreams. I can only remember the staggeringly ordinary Sleeper now, and of course Echobelly. Echobelly were rubbish, but this song’s right catchy and Sonya Aurora Maden had a great, pure voice.

A great, pure voice that once again appears to be blaring out of the light fittings. I don’t quite know where Junior’s getting this idea from, except that she has a cousin who thinks that all music comes from the mobile hanging in his bedroom. Junior saw him at Christmas, so perhaps he fed her misinformation. It also gives her an opportunity to do a backward somersault off her dad’s lap – a proto-stagedive, if you will.

Not much more to say about Echobelly. The single sleeve features Sonya holding hands with her lesbian guitarist, which led to sneers in some quarters that she was going for a bit of gay cachet. Who cares?

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