[15] Supergrass, ‘Alright’

This record is for the kids, isn’t it? Perfect. Junior practised sitting up in front of me, and we played an approximation of pat-a-cake to the jaunty tune. She became a little vexed at “keep our teeth nice and clean”, believing Coombes and co were being insensitive about her current toothless status, but otherwise it passed without mishap.

And a jaunty tune is what it amounts to. Even at the time, I wasn’t a huge fan of the song, but I loved Supergrass. Still do. A great live band too, and they’ve never enjoyed the acclaim that was their due. In It For The Money is a fiver in all good record shops. There’s no excuse. Failing that, the Best Of is almost fault-free.

Advert over. In the pub last night, a friend and regular reader tried to guess the rest of the singles in this chart. He managed to name the whole Top Four but, with cunning dissembling, I drew him off the scent. 


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