[7] Basement Jaxx, ‘Red Alert’

Basement Jaxx

This has a summery feel, but a muggy, oppressive summery feel. Our living room conspired with it yesterday, the sun flooding through all the windows, cooking the vinyl as it span round on the deck. It was hot when I lifted it off afterwards – a steaming platter, pop pickers.

Basement Jaxx hit their peak early, breaking the Top Five here. They’ve disappointed since, with a knack of writing tunes that sound brilliant on first listen, peeling away layers of emptiness later. ‘Red Alert’ still sounds special, at least, and Junior danced to it enthusiastically with her old dad.

We played it again this morning and she snubbed the “Don’t panic!” line with an audacious attempt to pull the iron off the board. Pan’s People couldn’t have weighed in with a more literal interpretation.

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