[15] Creedence Clearwater Revival, ‘Bad Moon Rising’

CCR had been knocking around for donkey’s years under various names, but only tasted real success with a change of moniker – “Creedence” apparently after a mucker of the band called Credence Nuball, “Clearwater” for topical environmental reasons, dude, and “Revival” for whatever it says on the tin. And “Revival” was right: John Fogerty and crew enjoyed huge sales for this and other infectious bluegrass swampy fare and never looked back… until acrimonious split and lawsuits, obviously.

‘Bad Moon Rising’ is a classic only-know-one-line tune, but everyone loves it. It’s a timeless music and, as I recall, a cornerstone of any self-respecting second-year student’s layabout playlist.

“Is this about the moon?” asked Junior, bless her. “Not quite,” I replied. “Fogerty claims it was written on the day Richard Nixon was elected to power in the States, and it reflects the sense of unease in the air and the portents of what was to follow.” Junior shot me a look that suggested she could get more sense out of Junior 2, asleep in her cradle upstairs, barely two weeks old.

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