[15] Nelly, ‘Ride Wit Me’

With his face covered in elastoplast and his general goofing, Nelly’s a bit of a maverick – or a pain in the neck, if you prefer. He came sing-rapping onto the mainstream scene at about this time, and the bluegrass sway and earworm chorus of ‘Ride Wit Me’ cemented his place in the pantheon of remorselessly commercial hip-hop gadabouts. Honourable props to ‘E.I.’ too, and the breath of fresh air that is ‘Country Grammar’ – the latter nicked, so Junior’s mum tells me, from Tom Hanks’ finest career monument, Big. That’s the kind of anti-cool we’re dealing with here.

Junior was sent to her room for deliberately breaking her bracelet, while Junior 2 demonstrated her new ninja rolling skillz. Somehow you can imagine Nelly doing both.

2 thoughts on “[15] Nelly, ‘Ride Wit Me’

  1. reading these reviews is a bit like reading
    science fiction – I have no idea what you are talking about but it seems fascinating and maybe one day we’ll all be doing these things. Alternatively, I shall use these entries to demonstrate why I am officially old. OLD, I said. I said OLD.

  2. They used electricity to make some of these records, you know.

    Next up – possibly even just after lunch – an artist everyone’s got an opinion on, young or, er, more experienced.

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