[15] ESG, ‘You’re No Good’/‘Moody’/‘UFO’


Three ace tracks? Now that’s what I call a single. Well, I’ve no idea what it was like growing up in the Bronx, but when your mum gets you to form a band just to keep you off the streets, that’s progressive thinking. The story may be apocryphal – I think I read it in Garry Mulholland’s fantastic This Is Uncool labour of singles love – still, who’s going to argue when the results are this fine? Whatever the provenance, Scroggins sisters Marie, Renee and Valerie hooked up with their pals David and Leroy to fashion some seriously danceable, edgy, sparse funk – tribal on ‘You’re No Good’, groovy on ‘Moody’, woozily intergalactic on ‘UFO’ – that catapults easily into 1981’s new pop splintering shards while sounding like the future in a little blue pill.

ESG’s sorority is beguiling to Junior, who wants to know which sister is doing what and how they’re making that “stomping” noise. I suggest she and her little sis might want to form a band too, and that goes down well. “What would you play?” “Guitar and drums.” “And Junior 2?” “Guitar and drums.”

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