[11] Go-Gos, ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’


28 years on, I still play this song – ooh – at least once every month or two. The bouncing bassline, the harmonies, Belinda Carlisle’s helium gabble, it’s all pure gold. The Go-Gos generally passed this nation by, but Terry Hall noticed them, and he certainly noticed pocket honey Jane Wiedlin. I knew they co-wrote the song and yet I never realised they had a bit of a thing going on behind his girlfriend’s back, something they might want to keep ‘em sealed about.

That’s how the story goes, anyway. It’s a perfectly formed little pop song that doesn’t need any enhancing, but that’s a cheeky bit of colour. Of course, Terry then set about draining all the colour with his morose Fun Boy Three version – not that it’s anything less than corking itself.

‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ is an anti-anthem for Junior, who obediently boings with the bass. She couldn’t seal her lips with UHU, treating every confidence as a tasty bit of news to be relayed to the widest circle. When I drive her to nursery, every bunny-hop, every speed bump taken at a lick, every mild variation in route is a major misdemeanour to be announced to mum at the earliest opportunity. The little grass. Luckily, it still seems cute. Girls, eh?

No one’s listening anyway:

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