[3] The Human League, ‘Don’t You Want Me’

The Human League

As a chart statistician (hobby), I always felt a bit sorry for ‘Don’t You Want Me’, which comfortably outsold the bestselling singles of both 1981 and 1982 but – because it did its business over the turn of the year – appeared in neither year-end sales chart.

Maybe that’s just me.

It’s an exciting record for other reasons too, of course: a whopping great hit that everyone knows the (possibly vaguely real-life?) words to; that forboding synth riff with the rubbish arpeggio at the end; a rare meeting of flat vocals from both protagonists; being the most obvious hit yet the fourth single to be released from the stupendous Dare. Oh, and my two piano party pieces are the refrains from this and Depeche Mode’s ‘Love In Itself.2’. I imagine they’re yours too.

Juniors 1 and 2 didn’t give two hoots about the music this morning, preferring to play with their baby dolls. Hmmm. Junior 2 wanted 1’s baby. Hmmm. So she did “want her baby”. Hmmm.


4 thoughts on “[3] The Human League, ‘Don’t You Want Me’

  1. OK, it’s been a busy week of flooded offices and dodgy wifi connections. That’s my excuse. So, if anyone’s following, we’ll do the final two tomorrow and Friday.


    And then what? 2004?

  2. hi, im a year 12 media student trying to research into the audience of the human league song ‘dont you want me’. if you could answer the following questions it would really help me in my research! please email me back directly ( more evidence!)
    your age:
    what and why you like the song ‘dont you want me’?
    what you enjoy about the music video?
    thank you so much for your time! brittany x

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