Empire Of The Sun, ‘We Are The People’

Empire Of The Sun

By any reasonable standard, it’s a bit early for a “new MGMT”. Actually, I think it’ll always be a bit early for a new one, best single of 2008 notwithstanding. On the face of it, Empire of The Sun are more pleasingly uncluttered and electronic – a little cleaner, a touch poppier – but obviously they look equally ridiculous. Credit where it’s due, Empire’s Luke Steele looked pretty ludicrous in The Sleepy Jackson too, so he’s no mere copycat. He and his PR people have just grabbed the main chance.

I dunno, though – this doesn’t amount to much. It’s catchy, but I can’t help slipping into Starship’s ‘We Built This City’ every time I try to sing along. Is that a bad thing? That might not be a bad thing. Junior sings the last word of every line, like some sort of MGMT-copying-Empire-Of-The-Sun-copycat. I think that’s satire.

Tangling the web further, she saw Flight Of The Conchords gently putting the boot into EOTS (or was it MGMT?) yesterday and said, “I saw this before.”

Are you gonna leave me now?

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