Spinnerette, ‘Ghetto Love’


One of my favourite albums at the moment is Spinnerette’s taut, hard-rockin’, saucy debut. It’s fronted by ex-Distiller and current Mrs Josh Homme Brody Dalle, with riffing support from Tony Bevilacqua, Alain Johannes and Jack Irons, and bowls along like a teeth-baring monster truck – too fierce to be ridiculous. ‘Ghetto Love’ – an almost 2009 single – sets the stall out, swinging and bulldozing with carefree intensity, addictive as wine gums.

Junior reckons the guitars are “louder than mine”, which is good news all round. She also declares, with some thought, “I like this and Hannah Montana. Just this and Hannah Montana.” Someone tell Brody – she’s made the big time.

Humanity is a deer in the headlights:

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