[11] David Bowie, ‘Absolute Beginners’


Bowie did it, I did it, Junior did it, Junior 2 did it. We all BA-BA-BA-OOOOed. And with this werewolf howl we bid adieu to Good David Bowie Records, ‘Absolute Beginners’ just about sneaking under the wire thanks to a tune, some Liberace piano and at least a semblance of effort. Junior said her favourite bit was the saxophone ad-libbing at the end, and that’s a shrewd choice – it lends some ‘Whole Of The Moon’ glee to the affair, some devil-may-care euphoria.

Nothing much to offer:

2 thoughts on “[11] David Bowie, ‘Absolute Beginners’

  1. He’s done some amazing stuff since this. And even if we’re only talking about singles, there’s “Jump They Say” and “Little Wonder”. I agree that “Absolute Beginners” is magnificent though.

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