[16] Sunny Day Sets Fire, ‘Adrenaline EP’

Sunny Day Sets Fire are this year’s Alphabeat. Oh, come on, don’t be like that. Both bands are little nuggets of joy. This lot aren’t Scandinavian – they’re a polyglot collection brought together in London – but they play a similar jaunty pop, a spring-heeled update of swinging 60s sounds, fab, gear and frenetic. ‘Adrenaline’ sounds like it’s got a surfeit of the stuff, of course, and while you wouldn’t want a much bigger dose, an occasional slice of silly aural sunshine is just the ticket.

Junior’s not much of a morning person, so this could give her the boost she needed or irritate the hell out of her. In the end, she managed to stop pouting long enough to offer a perfunctory “lovely, brilliant, beautiful” and then asked, “Can we have Girls Aloud?”

I wanna run for the presidency:

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