[12] Passion Pit, ‘The Reeling’

Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos made their debut Chunk Of Change EP as a Valentine’s gift for his girlfriend. It was awesome, so I hope she appreciated it. The long player’s not quite as great, but perhaps that’s familiarity with the shrill, sugary tunefulness of the Pit. Maybe it’s an analogy for the relationship too. The initial charge has gone, now the couple’s treading water, seeing where it goes from here, refuelling, cleaning their visors, waiting for the lollipop to turn over. Perhaps the passion’s in the pits. Let’s hope the nozzle doesn’t get stuck.

Still here? ‘The Reeling’ is crazed, giddy euphoria with the treble set to nausea. I think it’s twee electro magic and wanted it at No.11, but Junior insisted I swap this and the other song around. Yes, boss. Not that she didn’t like it: it prompted high-speed dancing, some sort of hand jive, twirls (“I’m doing ballet”), and eventually pure chaos with both sisters chasing each other around screaming until I got chopsy.

Oh no (Oh no):

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