[7] Lily Allen, ‘The Fear’

Too many people give Lily Allen a hard time, because of who her father is, because she’s got an unfettered mouth, because she writes songs that tell how it is – at least for a young LDN lady. She’s undervalued as an artist. She runs the full gamut of pop – straightforward catchy songs, ska, hip hop, even country – and somehow is taken less seriously for it. Where the hell was her Mercury nomination? Sweet Jesus, Glasvegas got a nomination. Kasabian got one.

‘The Fear’ is Lil’ at her best: sharp, witty, personal, snippy and set to the best pop hook of the year. For Junior, it means earnest school disco dance moves and her parents coughing loudly over the swearwords.

Packing plastic:

3 thoughts on “[7] Lily Allen, ‘The Fear’

  1. Completely ignoring the fact that the refrain will be echo’d as aspiration rather than ironicism. As Allen knows well. Nothing more than sharp whoring and you are pimping it out.

    Its not really very good aside from the refrain either.

  2. THAT’s more like it. I don’t really care how people take the “message”, I’m not so worried about the external life of the pop song.

    The refrain alone can sell it.

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