[17] The Roots, ‘The Seed 2.0’

The Seed 2.0

Wildly (in)appropriate with Junior’s fifth birthday coming tomorrow, a somewhat earthy paean to conception, Cody Chesnutt’s rock-soul hollerer reworked in The Roots’ live-action hip hop style. We didn’t name her Rock’n’Roll.

Junior says: “It’s piano music,” when I try and test her on her genres. The rest of the time we’re arguing about Cheerios.

Best bit: Well, I don’t know. For all its unimpeachable grooving, ‘The Seed 2.0’ is one-paced, fairly uniform. This is a good thing in its case, what with da funk being so addictive. Anyway, let’s go for the thump/crash of the intro.

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