[4] The Staple Singers, ‘I’ll Take You There’

The Staple Singers

“Let’s talk about sex…” Actually, let’s not. Let’s try and leave that for the best part of a decade, if we can. Instead, let’s turn to more spiritual matters with The Staple Singers’ largely lyric-free shout-out to – what? Heaven? Mavis is a great testifier, delivering a message of hope and faith in as few words as possible. Apparently, the Staples’ church booted them out for going all R&B on them – here lifting the bassline from the Harry J Allstars’ ‘The Liquidator’ – but while this may be the devil’s music, it’s the Lord’s prayer.

Now I think this is a pretty cool idea, a dad making records with his daughters. I put the plan to Junior, who shoots it out of the water: “I don’t know how to make records.” Reckon I could give it a whirl, through found-knowledge from reading, I dunno, Revolution In The Head and watching documentaries. I hear you can do it all on new-fangled laptops these days, anyway. While I dream, Junior dances.

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