[11] Wilco, ‘I Might’


“English?” This countdown is becoming less about the music, more about the provenance. And Junior’s got it horribly wrong this time because Wilco are completely, unshakeably American – even if they would like to salute the ashes of American flags. She’s also wrong in her verdict: “It’s cool.” Wilco aren’t cool. Although, confusingly, it is quite cool to say you hate them, which suggests they actually are cool but cool people don’t want to admit it. Or they’re yesterday’s cool thing so can’t be cool now. We’ll continue this conversation over at Pitchfork.

This, for Wilco at least, is straightahead pop. As it pumps the organ and hammers the beats it reveals a Northern Soulness that’s quite delightful. I’ve liked Wilco for – ooh – lots of years, but they don’t often make singles. You know, singles as opposed to singles. This is a single. And it features the best “hooooo” of the year courtesy of Jeff Tweedy. Try it, end of the second bridge.

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