[3] Ellie Goulding, ‘Anything Could Happen’

Ellie Goulding

This is big in my house. It could hardly fail with all those “ee-ee-ee-ee”s and the increasingly manic yowls of “I know it’s gonna be” that Junior 2 apes perfectly even when it’s not playing. Junior herself has a rather unsettling ‘hoochie mama’ dance to accompany it, and I’m always sent by the sheer pop vastness of the song. The only dissenting voice is Junior 3 who wants to hear, “Na-na-na-na baby give it up give it up baby give it up”.

I know we were all supposed to be blinded by Ellie Goulding’s talent a couple of years ago but I couldn’t hear anything that wasn’t flimsy. Weak squash. Something was there but it could’ve benefited from some concentrated flavour. I can hear that here. ‘Anything Could Happen’ has sonic force, a crucial shiver in its first verse and sees Goulding switch her setting from cutesy to gutsy as the synth barricades go up.

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