[20] The Go! Team, ‘What D’You Say’


We’ve been doing this for 10 years now – Junior was 20 weeks old; I was, well, a younger man. It used to be a daily thing but now it’s pretty much annual, what with the demands of homework and CBBC.

She’s busy too.

The Go! Team were actually in our very first year-end top 20 and this is their first return since, so is it time to call it a day, all wrapped in a neat bow? Let’s see how we go.

In 2015, The Go! Team are just Ian Parton and guests. Frankly that’s all anyone thought they were in the first place and the good thing is they’ve lost none of that old runaway-motorbike exuberance. Can’t say that for all of us. “It’s got a nice melody,” says Junior, in an exuberance-free monotone. That’s how we’re going.

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