[15] Scuba, ‘The Hope’


Much like everyone else in the cosmos, British (Berlin-based, we’re obliged to say) DJ/Producer (we’re obliged to say) Scuba got caught up in a Twitstorm earlier this year. I forget what. Now he’s a mainstay of the DJsComplaining account. So, bless him and all that, but let’s just concentrate on the music – ‘The Hope’ is a grab bag of hard 90s house tropes, hovering, blasting and Josh Winking in what they’re already calling a thrill-ride. It’s as crisp as a Walker’s.

Junior the musicologist identifies some castanets. I bet even Scuba didn’t realise he put them in there.

[9] Planningtorock, ‘Living It Out’


One of my favourite things when I was Junior’s age was my Batman outfit. A top and cloak, and a full mask that used to get all moist with the dribble and sweat that would accumulate from tearing around fighting crime on the enclosed RAF married quarters patch at Cranwell. It was like The Wire. Or indeed Batman.

Janine Rostron still wears a mask.

I guess she doesn’t believe in projecting an image of herself, that it’s all subsumed by the music and – really – we shouldn’t be making value judgements based on appearance anyway. Or she just knows it’s cool.

‘Living It Out’ is the banger on W, Rostron/Planningtorock’s ace album from earlier this year. It’s buffered by enormous doom-synth tracks on all sides which makes it come as a bit of a relief, even if it’s at least as Berlinish as the rest. Standing alone it draws at once funky, at once robotic dancing from Junior and later sees her brandishing a sword.

A plastic one. For fighting crime.