[12] Parliament Funkadelic & P-Funk Allstars, ‘Follow The Leader (D&S Remix)’

This is awash with da funk. A George Clinton cover of Eric B & Rakim’s last hurrah, that takes the scary hip-hop chiller and slows it down, slips in some Flavor cold lampin’ and grooves it up to the max. It’s not the lead single mix – which does all the above at a murkier level – but it’s the version with the closest mothership connection. If you haven’t heard it, I’ll do you a tape.

The first record of the day always has an advantage with Junior. She’s at her freshest (and flyest) and she hasn’t yet remembered her stacking cups. It’s a 12” single again, so it’s a chance to grin at Dad standing at the decks. 

It’s also a chance to get down p-funk stylee and scratch the sofa. Her feet don’t fail her now.