[7] De’Lacy, ‘Hideaway’

Junior and I had a go at slapping out the military house beat on the sofa cushions. We were bang-on and superfly.

Right. I like the cheekily long breakdown on this, not quite rivalling Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’ but good enough. It’s a belting vocal and a moment of dancefloor epiphany as the clattering percussion starts to come in a few seconds before we’re off and running again. Ignore the more straightforward remix that surfaced a few years later; this is the one with the soul. ‘Dubfire Needs To Score’, it’s called.

Maybe I edged over the hill after this, but I don’t think house/techno/dance in general gave us much of note from here on. In the early ’90s, Tony’s Records were selling us a couple of classics a week.