[13] Daft Punk, ‘Around The World’

Dum dum dum, de do do do do do do-do der dum dum dum. SING ALONG.

I can’t get enough cute, glitterballed French disco, and nor should you. Junior loved it so much, I could’ve persuaded her to wear a luminous body sock and dance in formation with her mum (who’s rarely out of her luminous body sock). As it was, she was throwing some robotic shapes from the first bar, even modifying her moves when the bass thudded in. Music sounds better with her.

As the track bleeped and popped towards its sixth minute, Junior grabbed the electronic songbook and pressed the ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes’ button. It was as if Daft Punk were in the room, accompanying themselves, riffing on their own tune with da nursery rhyme funk.

We’ll be releasing our own limited edition glitch techno white label before the end of the year.