[11] Charli XCX, ‘Boom Clap’


Junior thinks this is Katy Perry, but all three of them know all the words.

And that’s Charli XCX in a nutshell. Thank you.

(Other than that, simple but hugely effective pop song – with an onomatopoeic but also self-fulfilling title/chorus that Junior appreciates (“It’s like, ‘BOOM! CLAP!'”) – sulked out by someone who doesn’t appear to play the game, hence relative lack of recognition, but who might end up at its top. Kind of startling that a blogstar’s breaking through. Come back in 2015 for a trio of No.1 singles from Jai Paul.)

[12] Jai Paul, ‘Jasmine (demo)’

Jai Paul

Let’s speed this up a bit.

Jai Paul seems to release records accidentally, like murky pop burps. This is sunk in electronic flotsam and jetsam but there’s a bright doo-wop swagger in its sub(marine)-R&B coils.

Thumbs up from Junior even though she can’t hear the first half because her two-year-old sister’s tantrum is drowning it out. Junior 2 likes “the noise”. Jai Paul, I think, rather than her crotchety sibling.