[4] Tricky, ‘Aftermath’

Yes, it was released next year, the following year, that is, 1995, but Maxinquaye was a fantastic album, wasn’t it? Weed-killed, paranoid Tricky and Poltergeist girl-a-like Martina weaving hydroponic magic out of a punk-bred hip-hop, yet still managing to sound pop – and resolutely NOT trip-hop. Way too aggressive for that sort of chilled-out entertainment.

‘Aftermath’ was the initial signal after Tricky had fled the increasingly banal Massive Attack, and it’s a dark delight filled with punchy beats and half-inched Japan lyrics. Plays havoc with the PA, too, if you’re confrontational with the bass.

Not in the best frame of mind to welcome the Brizzle apocalypse, Junior sat sulkily in the naughty seat, having shook the muslin rather too pointedly in her little sister’s direction. By the time we reached the false endings of the track, she was up in her room.

[14] Tricky, ‘Makes Me Wanna Die’

Paranoid, narcotic, sinister, disjointed and resolutely undanceable. But enough about me, sort of. Junior found a way to dance to Tricky’s brooding curio, but then the girl has rhythm and style beyond the common punter’s wildest dreams.

Is this record widely known? I used to play it to death, loved the Rhodes piano and Martina’s broken vocals, but I might have been the only one. It was the third single from Pre-Millennium Tension, yet still a Top 30 SMASH.

No.29, in fact.