[17] James, ‘She’s A Star’

Well well well. Who saw this coming?  Kicking off with the guitar signature from the end of ‘Torn’, segueing into that bit with Keeley Hawes (as a little girl) being spun around, it’s a smorgasboard of pop culture references. I think they got to the guitar thing first, though. Imbruglia’s a magpie.

What to say about James that hasn’t been said? Have they split up? Why? Anyway, this song could be great if only it had a proper chorus, but they were never good at choruses. They were good at atmospherics, rousing lyrics, swooping guitars, funny dancing and getting students to trip over their stupid mates.

Junior just kept twirling around with her mum until she threatened to throw up. Kids will use anything as a weapon.

[18] Natalie Imbruglia, ‘Torn’

Not just a pretty face, young Nat surprised her public with a highly serviceable pop tune (nicked from some Scandinavian; I forget the details) and fuelled many a male fantasy with the “lying naked on the floor” bit. Men are acutely adept at dismissing context when beautiful girls say “naked”. Scientific fact.

It’s a swinging little number with its insistent acoustic guitar and standard jangly indie riffs, and gets right under Junior’s skin from the outset. By the chorus, she’s been whisked into the air by her mum, and is twirling around like a designer hippie chick, Imbruglia-style.

Lovely guitar solo outro too. Very familiar. Can’t quite put my finger on it…