COMPETITION: The 7-inch is still 60

A heap of my 45s, Sunday

It’s competition time! Identify the 60 7” singles above – some easy, some fiendish – and send your answers (artist and title) to The person with the most correct answers (earliest entrant if there’s a tie) wins The Kinks’ recent Picture Book box set (promo version, I should say – 6 CDs, double-height jewel trays, some artwork on the “book” cover, no booklet). Competition ends midnight, 30 April. Slapdash terms and conditions apply, probably.

The 2004 No.4 may follow later today.

The Kinks, ‘Picture Book’

I woke up at 9.16 this morning for my first day back at work. Good effort. Junior was asleep, having got her mother up for a feed at six, so she couldn’t review any songs. This, therefore, is carried over from a little extravaganza we did on Sunday while practising with the new i-Dog. The i-Dog was enjoying it, even though its little lights mark it down as a hip hop fan at the moment. It appears to think that everything that doesn’t sound like the Sex Pistols is hip hop. Maybe that’s right. Maybe 2006 will bring forth a breaking-down of all barriers separating genres and styles. Yadda yadda.

You have to love ‘Picture Book’, and I bet it sold loads of photo printers. Junior gave it some whoops and handy dance steps. When she looks back at our picture books years from now, I don’t know how many pictures of her mama she’ll see. They nearly all seem to be of the little lady herself, and there’s a ludicrous number of them. She can’t help being so damned photogenic.

The Village Green Preservation Society was another Christmas present. I did pretty well.