[7] Beastie Boys, ‘Get It Together’/‘Sabotage’

What do you mean, “White men can’t rap”? Isn’t rapping just shouting a lot and over-emphasising the final word in each line? No? Oh.

To allow a bit of slack, the Beasties were well into playing their own instruments in a jazz-funk stylee by this stage, and banging on about Buddha – they’d transcended that frat-boy yelling thing. Well, a bit, anyway. Whatever, you have to hand it to this AA-sider. First up, a suffocating, paranoid skip-hop with a sterling turn from The Greatest Laidback Rap Voice In Hip-Hop, A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip, and categorically not the last mention of “macaroni” in this Top 10. Junior gave the track the full shoulders and elbows in exaggerated fashion and even sang along to the fearful “get it togetha”s.

Second on the bill, the screaming punk-rap of ‘Sabotage’. It’s a great video, at least. For this, Junior did the teeth-baring rawk face. It’s something of an ordeal to actually listen to, but come on, at worst you know you’re alive.