[18] James, ‘Come Home’

Come Home

Funny band, James. They flapped around in Morrissey-championed indie semi-obscurity for years before accidentally getting swept along by the Madchester wave, but they didn’t even seem to have that crucial dance element to their music. Instead, they introduced sloganeering and merchandise and student-friendly ditties, and snuck in through the back door. ‘Sit Down’ was the most obvious example – released earlier in 1989* yet requiring years and re-releases to hit the Top 10 – but ‘Come Home’ was the vital breakthrough.

A propulsive rhythm and Doppler-effect keyboards get Junior rocking, but she thinks the song drags on a touch too long. Grandad’s visiting and he’s more interesting than the final minute’s cacophony. I still have warm feelings towards the record. It was oddly fashionable at the time (again, a year before it charted) and it had just enough of a groove for me to stick it on the party tapes I’d make as self-appointed teenage DJ.

Within a year I’d be wearing an outsized, long-sleeved ‘Come’ t-shirt. It was quite the conversation piece on my first day at university.

*How much am I bid for my original 7″ single? It’s got a bad drawing on the cover.