[5] The Men, ‘Another Night’

the men 2014

“It sounds like the end of a play,” says Junior, “when they all bow.” That says something for the relentlessness of ‘Another Night’. It’s a five-minute victory lap, a song-long crescendo that must expend huge amounts of energy. Have you ever had an mp3 that sweats?

I guess that’s what happens when a ‘punk’ band goes soul. They pour in their customary drive and hulking lack of subtlety, recapturing the Ready-Brek glow of, say, Otis Redding packed into that tiny suit but without any of the more nuanced tricks like the pull-back and release. It’d all be too exhausting if The Men weren’t also shooting dipping hooks through the song, managing to add the odd shiver to the mayhem, finding a different layer of exhilaration.