[7] Tove Styrke, ‘Number One’


The battle of the Toves was hard-fought, but Lo didn’t make it at all and Styrke’s ‘Number One’ is No.7. Junior says this word-play is “ha ha very funny” but I think she wants something.

Other than that, she’s not into “the rap” but likes the chorus – which is unavoidable because it’s one of those choruses that twinkles brighter and brighter as it piles on the hooks and suddenly everything feels like Christmas.

[7] Tove Lo feat. Hippie Sabotage, ‘Stay High’

tove lo 2014

Or whatever the blazes it’s called.

Tove Lo, ‘Stay High (Hippie Sabotage Remix)’
Tove Lo, ‘Stay High (Habits) (Hippie Sabotage Remix)’
Hippie Sabotage, ‘Stay High (Habits Remix) [Tove Lo]’
Tove Lo, ‘Stay High (feat. Hippie Sabotage) [Habits Remix]’

Basically, it’s ‘Habits’ remixed by Hippie Sabotage then given its more radio-friendly chorus-referencing title to realise its hit potential. And it made the top 10 both in real OCC terms and right here, so job done.

It’s a light touch of a remix that turns a blunt-edged power ballad into something crisp and satisfying that sounds a little like James Blake if he found a hook. The swell into the chorus is the moment I wait for, but the girls go for the “Oh-ohs”. Over and over again. Mind you, they know the rest of the words too – this never fails to amaze me because my brain’s never retained lyrics.

“Give it a tick!” demands Junior 2.