[20] The Chemical Brothers, ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’

The Chemical Brothers

“Dad?” Junior fixed me with one of her quizzical looks. “Didn’t we have this in the 1995 chart?”

If it ain’t broke. The Chemical Brothers picked up ‘Leave Home’, dusted it off, souped it up with bleeps and sirens and punted it back out to an unsuspecting public. They would never have got away with it if “Superstar DJs, here we go!” didn’t sound so exciting in its hoary old way.

Junior really was agog for the first minute or two, no doubt speechless that anyone could show such brazen cheek rejigging their own records. Although, if she wants bare-faced idle chancing, she wants to hear the songs they did with Noel Gallagher.

Better not. Someone would only go and alert the Social.

They’d come round here with their dark wood interiors, beans on toast and flawless jukebox.

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