[6] Secret Machines, ‘Nowhere Again’

Secret Machines

Why does everything have to have a name these days? Why does music have to be put in a box, a genre, a scene? Why does every rock critic have to christen a movement, splicing terms together like so many mini-Paul Morleys? Can’t good music just be good music? The campaign starts here.

So, this is a mighty slice of KrautProg from the two brothers and their mate who made up Secret Machines before one brother split to form the equally splendid School Of Seven Bells.

Junior told me her Barbie liked it. When quizzed on what else Barbie likes, she replied, “High School Musical”. Isn’t it nice to see a doll with such eclectic taste?

You’d be surprised how we race:

3 thoughts on “[6] Secret Machines, ‘Nowhere Again’

  1. Is this pop? I loved this album.

    It’s about the last song in the world I expected on JBJ (can I call you JBJ?) this morning, though. I mean, it’s a hundred million miles from that awful Kylie thing.


  2. The image of an army of miniature Paul Morleys will haunt me til the day I die. Thanks.

    The song’s not bad. Not sure about prog – it sounds a bit Pavementy to me.

  3. Pop? Pop’s anything that’s not classical – didn’t I say?

    It’s all boys with guitars from now on. Well, except for one.

    And every one of those Morleys is concocting a situationist prank.

    Secret Machines got tagged with prog – possibly because of a lot of lengthy songs – but they’re generally too to-the-point, yeah.

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