[5] Green Day, ‘American Idiot’

Green Day

Junior reckons “it’s too noisy.”

Me? I can’t stand Green Day. Punk? Pah. Just snotty, stary, immaculately-scruffily coiffed Americans opening the door to the limp likes of Sum 41 and any number of other anarcho-veneered, Studio Line-spiked college brats.

Imagine my irritation when ‘’American Idiot’ kicked a hole in our heads with a chorus strong enough to fell Big Daddy. It’s like your Harley cannoning down the road, leaving you flat on your arse, thinking, erm, “Rats. I swore I’d never like a Green Day song.” Thank God the lyrics are so trite.

Sing along to the age of paranoia!

9 thoughts on “[5] Green Day, ‘American Idiot’

  1. Dunno how you could liek this and hate Greed Day in general. It’s the same as their other songs. Except they’re forty or something. I mean, look at them. Punk my hole.

  2. They had some good-by-the-standards-of-this songs in their day, like. The first album (some will tell me they had a previous one), whatsitcalled….

    Dookie, it says here. Yeah.

  3. You need to have the ear of a connor… connoisi… conaso… an expert.

    Probably. Or, more likely, you just need to be contrary.

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