[2] The Killers, ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’

The Killers

Our now-seemingly-weekly series staggers on with a truly mediocre band raking in millions across the globe for some buffed-up US take on ‘80s indie. What are they doing here then? Every dog must have its day – even a dog that has the chutzpah to carry on like nothing happened after releasing a piss-weak Springsteen knock-off as a second album – and despite the hypnotherapy, primal scream exercises, stiff talkings-to from concerned friends, I bloody love this song.

“Is he singing about being a soldier?” Junior misses the mark, but wallows in the warm riffs, uplifting keys, rolling drums and pleasing bookends of The Killers’ only good record. “No, he’s singing about not being a soldier.”


I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldering iron:

7 thoughts on “[2] The Killers, ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’

  1. Speaking as someone who’s never actually seen a picture of the Killers before:



    The song is shit.

  2. This place is getting right shoddy. It’s all my other top secret projects, you see? I can only procrastinate on so many at any given time.

    This week, for sure. I’d post it now, but I want to do it “justice”.

  3. I think at this point we can mark down the whole band as horrendous.

    That big block-headed lad is representative of the lot. I presume he plays bass.

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