[9] The War On Drugs, ‘Red Eyes’

war on drugs 2014

I could’ve gone with ‘Under The Pressure’, ‘Burning’, ‘An Ocean Between The Waves’ or any other Mark Kozelek-vexing slab of Springsteen-meets-Knopfler highway rock, but it was the first “Woo!” in ‘Red Eyes’ that really made me feel like I’d chanced upon something special. I was passing through Victoria Station, in a little road movie of my own. Albeit one that just involved trains.

My first exposure to Adam Granduciel was previous album Slave Ambient, although I’d actually forgotten that I’d heard it. When I put on Lost In The Dream I thought I was coming in cold and I was smacked down by how good it was. It’s a comfort blanket of sound but feels vast and spacious too, the sense of charging forth into the desert with just the right clothes on. There’s nothing worse than chasing the American dream in the wrong outfit. ‘Red Eyes’ is the album’s slamming pop song that keeps dipping down into the motorik lowlands before rocketing up again at the very limits of control.

“It’s rather boring,” says Junior.

[2] The Killers, ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’

The Killers

Our now-seemingly-weekly series staggers on with a truly mediocre band raking in millions across the globe for some buffed-up US take on ‘80s indie. What are they doing here then? Every dog must have its day – even a dog that has the chutzpah to carry on like nothing happened after releasing a piss-weak Springsteen knock-off as a second album – and despite the hypnotherapy, primal scream exercises, stiff talkings-to from concerned friends, I bloody love this song.

“Is he singing about being a soldier?” Junior misses the mark, but wallows in the warm riffs, uplifting keys, rolling drums and pleasing bookends of The Killers’ only good record. “No, he’s singing about not being a soldier.”


I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldering iron: