The Duckworth Lewis Method, ‘The Age Of Revolution’

The Duckworth Lewis Method

Let’s get this up now, before they all take to the field at Lord’s and tear up the history books. The Age Of Revolution, eh? Shorter forms of the game, pyjamas, fewer strokes through extra covers – and massive fourth innings winning totals? Just because 522 hasn’t been achieved before, doesn’t mean these pesky Aussies won’t do it.

Neil Hannon (Lewis) and Thomas Walsh (Duckworth)’s glorious cricket concept album sails so close to arch parody (what? With Hannon on board?), but squeaks through thanks to its wit, affection and tunes. ‘The Age Of Revolution’ is that old chestnut, funky Charleston, and revels in a changing game. It’s a tasty scene-setter for an often hilarious and poignant record, warm with nostalgia and wide-eyed at possibilities.

Junior smiles as it wheezes into action, but when pressed on her thoughts says, “I haven’t decided.” She’s hedging her bets. Me? I think Australia will win.

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