[37] Peter Bjorn And John featuring Victoria Bergsman, ‘Young Folks’

Snappy beat group bop with whistling and dippy singalong chorus – there’s no way this won’t score high with the kids. And that must be its intention (at least targeting the indie twee kids); after all, Peter, Bjorn And John don’t devote themselves to pop hits the rest of the time and, apart from the rare uptempo Concretes number, Victoria Bergsman is more comfortable wrapping her helium Bjork purr around Scandi C&W. ‘Young Folks’ has a shelf-life, but while it’s stacked upfront it does its job with infectiousness.

Junior says: “Where’s that piano that you play with the metal wire?” She wants to accompany the gang on stylophone. The instrument’s not handy though so she and middle sis bounce off the walls instead, bellowing “We don’t care about the om force!” I tell them the real title, but, um, they don’t care.

Best bit: Big, lingering chords introduced for the final chorus, set up for a crescendo that sneaks away.

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