[19] Doves, ‘There Goes The Fear’

There Goes The Fear

There’s a risky blend of the ponderous and euphoric in Doves’ music, something to do with that Mancunian yen for the big and maudlin, and Doves’ past as groovateers Sub Sub. I have to say the ponderous usually wins out. When it’s brightened by a fantastic mood and melody – ‘The Cedar Room’, ‘The Sulphur Man’, ‘Words’ – this is all good, but an unhealthy chunk sinks into the mire. ‘There Goes The Fear’ wants the cake and the eating, and carries it off, deftly representing the epic and the funky. Its samba rhythms tilt the second half of the song, introduced with surprising slickness after a pretty straight anthem. In the end, it sounds like the last gasp of Balearic – until half the albums released in 2010, that is.

Junior says: “Do it again.” She means the ungainly jig I danced to Doves because everyone was a bit tearful this morning (Well perhaps you shouldn’t wake up at 6am then, hmmm?). It cheered the girls up, but I knew I’d be sick if I went for the encore.

Best bit: The chord change as Jimi Goodwin attempts to hold onto the song before it goes samba.

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