[13] Example, ‘Kickstarts’


I was complicit when this won Popjustice’s Twenty Quid Prize for the best British single of the year. In fact, I spoke up for it. In FACT, I wrote down for it too, as seen in the picture at the bottom of that link. I don’t even regret it.

Must admit there was some pressure from home. Junior knows every single word, and this time accompanied it with an unexpected cossack-style dance. Pretty soon everyone was dancing, and at the end Junior asked, “Please can you do ‘Starts Again’ again?” We were locked in an endless starts again again cycle.

Which is fine up to a point. Cheap ravey synths have a shelf-life, but the hooks stay welcome. There’s something appealingly gauche about Example’s delivery too, which at times reminds me of MC Buzz B, at others Gary Clail. If that’s not a recipe for sustained success, what is?

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