[12] James Blake, ‘Limit To Your Love’

James Blake

Seems a bit glib to push this one when young James made a clutch of astonishing EPs this year that were all his own work, but this Feist cover is a remarkable demonstration of versatility. A first it appears to be played straight – a far cry from those EPs of soulful yet glitchy, distant dubstep – then Blake throws in an enormous bass vibration. It certainly sweeps away Junior’s initial disappointment at a “slowie”. “It has big noises,” she points out, and stomps about to emphasise them. But for all the bassy excitement is it any good? “Yes.”

Of course it is. It’s monumental. We’re expecting great things for the lad in 2011, certainly a great album. Maybe even hefty sales, but we’ll settle for a great album.

2 thoughts on “[12] James Blake, ‘Limit To Your Love’

  1. No, it’s not bobbins. It is an awesome song – even when stripped down to six lines from the original. It prompted me to dust off “the reminder” – which was long overdue a re-listen. This then led to digging out “riot on an empty street” which has dustings of Feist’s remarkable voice on two of the tracks…
    I’ll stop there before my musical six-degrees-of-separation actually leads me to Hue & Cry.

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